About Us

                    Empire State Cane Corso 

Welcome to my family.
Here in Newyork my wife Caroline and I have dedicated ourselves to our passion "The Cane Corso".
A few years ago  my wife and I came out of our  home only to find a burglar trying to jimmy our door locks with a screw driver.

How ironic it was that although a New York City Police Officer for over 11 years I had fallen into the bad habit of not carrying my weapon with me.

Now there we stood with this  stranger a mere 2 feet from us looking at us from his crouched position and our fate in his hands. All the cool stuff  and fighting tactics I had learned in the Academy went out the window and as he rose up to confront us all I could mutter was   ," Ugh............................. I,  I'm a Police Officer." The man hesitated for a moment , took a few steps back, lowered his weapon and took off running.

The thought of being critically hurt or even worse to not be at home the next time my wife were to find herself in the same position was just something I was simply not willing to leave to fate. This was the defining moment that lead us to where we are now just a few short years later. The Cane Corso was our partner of choice. 


Hello everyone we are not a puppy mill and so wont have puppies year round .

However if you feel you are willing to wait a few months for a quality companion and guardian please contact us for deposit information on future upcoming litters.